If you live in a shed…

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João is a child who lives in a shed together with his mom. Many nights he can´t sleep because he is afraid.

What would you wish for Christmas if you were living in a shed alone with your mom, just as João on the picture does?

 If criminals were living in the next-door house making the street dangerous?

 If the drugged criminals stumbles into the shed during the night and you see your mom is scared?

 Then you want safety. 

Provide safety as a Christmas gift
Provide safety as a Christmas gift

Besides undertaking social work for the youngsters, just the mere presence of the Kolibri centers contributes to make shady activities move away from the area and thereby becoming less dangerous. 

Kolibri – Children at Risk Foundation has over 25 years been working with street kids and done preventive work for children growing up in areas of risk in the favelas (slums) in the outskirts of the large cities.

Thousands of children have been saved over the years but thousands still live in areas where daily life is characterized by drugs, violence, abuse and crime. Kolibri focuses its work on helping these children.

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