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The pandemic is exploding

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The spread of the virus is now exploding again in Brazil and reaching unprecedented heights. New mutated viruses spread more easily, and the disease develops more rapidly. Many do not even have time to be treated in hospitals.

The Health Care System is collapsing

72,000 people have died in hospitals in Brazil without having recived treatment. From Monday 15 March, the entire state of São Paulo will be shut down. From 8 pm to 5 am there will be a curfew. Shops and businesses are closed. All schools will be completely closed again. Since the outbreak, nearly 375,000 people have died in Brazil. Daily death rate is now over 3,000. A human dies every 30 seconds.

We did not think it could get worse, but now it has.

Ordalina Candido
Ordalina, "mother" of the Kolibri project.
Ordalina, "mother" of the Kolibri project.

Ordalina, the Kolibri project's “Mother”, now retired, says: “People are scared. We are experiencing a very difficult situation here, everyone is anxious to get this terrible disease. The hospitals here are full, you cannot get sick from any other disease now. You receive no help. Unemployment here is also high. People in need help each other. We just have to try ...”

Yet again, the Kolibri Centers are closing down completely. Children and youngsters are once again isolated.

The food basket initiative continues

It is more important than ever now, that Kolibri Brazil can assist the very challenged children and families in Brazil. Now both physical and mental emergency assistance is needed. That is why Kolibri is asking for YOUR help now:

Food basket distribution to needy families

  • Support Kolibri FOOD BASKET INITIATIVE which includes:
  • Psycho-social help for children and adults in quarantine
  • Online schooling for children who are isolated.

Kolibri CARF is a Norwegian foundation that works preventively among children and youngsters in favelas in São Paulo, Brazil. Kolibri Brazil largely uses art and culture as tools.

Yes, I want to support the food basket initiative with help for the children and families affected by the pandemic in Brazil.

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